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Attic fan installation

Adding attic fan installation to your attic’s ventilation system can be a good way to reduce instances of mildew and other forms of build-up. If your attic does not have a vent then we can add one by using a saw to drill a hole and place the vent into the prepared fixture.

After this is complete your fan is prepared by measuring of the vent so that we get the properly sized plywood. We then place the fan in the middle of the plywood and trace it. Next, cut the drawn shape of the fan and then place the fan through the fixture. Secure the fan into the prepared location and make sure that it is wiggle resistant.

This can be done by adding some form of adhesive to the piece. Now we can place the fan on top of the vent.

We highly recommended placing it on top of ducts or some other form of elevated area that allows it to stay aligned with the vent but still have breathing room. Now we can nail the fan onto the section that was prepared on top of the vent with nails or screws. Also, we ensure to apply the fan’s thermostat. Our premium attic fan installation in killeen beats the all.

The thermostat needs to be secure and applicable. Then we wire the fan according to the instructions. We also ensure that the wires are approved by Texas local regulations. This step is vital and each attic fan installation can be different, therefore we do not overlook this step to ensure that your safety is secure.

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