Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Lots of people would argue that fiberglass attic insulation is the best kind of insulation for attics. Fiberglass insulation is very versatile.

Luckily it can be one of the cheaper ways to reduce attic insulation cost per square foot.

We can easily do this by adding loose insulin in the attic with spraying methods or applying batt insulation.

We disperse it evenly to cover all cracks and exposed areas.

The other fiberglass option is called batt, and it’s applied onto the attic floor while resembling small blankets.

A commonly used example of loose blown-in fiberglass insulation that is useful for attic floor insulation is atticat or attic cat insulation.

You can usually rent an atticat machine when in the process of insulating attic space.

The device is so convenient and fast-paced that you can most likely finish the job in just one day.

All we’d need to do is start the process by measuring the attic’s perimeter.

Our process

If you have a big attic, then we may want to do the following steps carefully:

  1. Out a floor plan and divide it into even sections.
  2. Install barriers that allow you to have a visual determination of how high you need to spray the foam to protect areas that do not need the product.
  3. Add blankets and towels under the hose trail to avoid a mess.
  4. Start at the corners farthest away from the attic door, use a hose to spray the foam onto the floor and seal off all space that may encourage unwanted air.

We do not hand-feed or force the insulation into the machine.

It is also vital to begin spraying at the point that is furthest from the attic opening so as not to step on the product.

Also, we avoid covering vents and heat-generating devices; This causes fires.

Careful to walk on the ceiling’s rafters, This will save you the trouble of causing damage or falling into the roof.

This method leaves a stable and durable finish that makes walking around in the attic easier.

There is predominantly open-cell foam and closed-cell foam. Open-cell foam is usually less dense while the closed-cell foam is much harder and can even act as a barrier for moisture.

Batt Fiberglass Insulation

Batt fiberglass attic insulation is usually a less complicated process that takes little to no time.

The process involves placing the fiberglass onto the plywood flooring of the ceiling according to its specific measurements and specifications.

For example, steer clear of machines that may produce heat to avoid fires.

As long as the area is completely covered and sealed, the insulation job can be deemed complete.

To get top performance, you may want to choose R-60 insulation that has an R-Value of 38 to combat moisture and varying temperatures.

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