Reflective insulation

This is a way of adding more insulin to the attic! Attic vapor barrier is a shiny layer of aluminum foil that may be added to rigid foam, plastic film, on your roof’s ceiling. This type of insulation helps to prevent radiant heat from getting into the action. It is positioned to face an enclosed air space. It is also seen as one of the best insulation for attic because it is seen as being more effective than other types of insulation. This type of insulation is usually more effective for tinier attic spaces. Attic barrier installation is usually a specific but simple process. All we’ll need to complete this task simply requires the foil, and staples to get the job done!

You should know that you should only add vapor barrier when your attic doesn’t have any form of paper backing. If you add paper backing or other backings along with vapor barrier then moist particles can get trapped within the layers and cause mildew. This would ruin the entire concept of clean ventilation and cause you to invest even more money.

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