Spray foam insulation is a home insulation and air sealing solution to homeowners or businesses that increases energy efficiency while increasing comfort. The Spray foam insulation expands once installed which creates an air barrier which other types of insulation (e.g Cellulose or Fiberglass) do not provide. At Attic Insulation Killeen, we also provide Insulation removal, Insulation replacement, Fiberglass Insulation for both industrial and Residential locations. Continue reading to find out more about our services and feel free to give our Foam Insulation contractors to get a quick quote or schedule a service immediately.

Replacing Attic Insulation

Adding insulation to attic with existing insulation or replacing attic insulation can be a tricky task. You would need to consider aspects like the current R-value, the insulation functionality with venting, and more. You should know that you can place batt insulation on top of foam insulation but we do not recommend that you apply foam insulation on top of batt insulation.

When replacing attic insulation altogether, you need to be familiar with the area that is being corrected. If you need to remove foam then scrap and cut the foam until it is cleared. You may need to dampen the area and apply acetone as a finishing touch. Remove all fixtures that may have been screwed onto the premises in order to block and seal out air. Then you would just need to proceed into the insulation process. The cost to replace attic insulation is more if you require extra labor costs. If not, the job should cost about $2,100.

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